Hanks Anuku Expresses Regret After Contacting HIV


One time very popular actor, Hanks Anuku is HIV positive. Hanks revealed this in an interview where he confessed that he let the fame that came with Nollywood get at him and that was where he missed it. I abused it, those were his exact words. He revealed how he toured some parts of Africa and slept with numerous girls and that was exactly where the problem started. Worst of them all, Hanks came back to Nigeria and infected his wife, the woman who has been solely responsible for taking care of their two kids. Now Hanks is born again and regrets infecting his wife. His exact words after the cut.

“Life in Zambia was heaven on earth because we could enjoy life, moving in all places but I was missing my family. During that time I had quite a number of sexual activities and I slept with different women. When I came back home I never took care of the family. I started drinking like a fish and became an irresponsible husband leaving the entire burden to my wife.

“I got tested while I was in Zambia after one of my girlfriends advised me about her pregnancy. She had gone for pregnancy tests and during that time she was tested for HIV and the results was shocking, she was positive. She forced me to get tested but I could not come to terms with the results. After I got tested I came back to Zambia and I kept quiet about the issue. I never told my wife about the issue. I infected her but I regret it. I later on received some counselling and it well well,” he said.

“During my peak of popularity I had sex with approximately 80 women, within Harare and Zambia. In 2002 it was so amazing to be on TV. I abused the fame. To make matters worse I lacked counselling and I failed to handle it properly, leaving me in this mud. I am now a born again Christian with UFIC under the guidance of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,” he said.


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