Yahoo Introduces Password-Free Login — Just Don’t Lose Your Phone


Yahoo wants to end your dependency on memorizing passwords — or creating crap ones that can be guessed or hacked — after it introduced a new “on-demand” system that sends a one-time password when you need to log in.

The new approach is designed to increase security and make your Yahoo account less hackable. In some ways it achieves that. Countless millions of people recycle memorable passwords across a number of services, including their email account. Not only are they usually fairly hackable in nature (randomized passwords are preferred), but they’re inherently insecure because, if/when cracked, they open large parts of your digital identity, or your entire online presence.

On-demand passwords, which are not usable after you’ve logged in, are designed to remove that password-chain/ potential domino effect because they are specific to your Yahoo account. But, there’s one fairly major caveat: if you lose your phone, the person in possession of it has…

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