In Emerging Markets, Internet Blamed For Having Negative Impact On Morality


A new study out this morning from Pew Research takes a deep dive into the impact that Internet access is having on emerging markets, especially in terms of how it’s shaping public opinion.

Today, tech companies like Facebook and Google have made significant investments in bringing Internet access to developing countries, the former with initiatives like designed to offer free mobile Internet access in select geographies, and the latter with aerial projects like its Project Loon balloons or high-flyingdrones that would provide Internet access to previously unconnected regions. But whether or not the region’s citizens will ultimately view these moves as helpful or appreciated has yet to be examined.

While most of those reading sites like TechCrunch generally view the Internet and the access to information it provides as an overall positive, we can sometimes gloss over the realities that come alongside having a network that allows everyone in the world the…

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