850 Sports News Digest Scores $500,000 To Become ‘Summly For Sport’


“Perfect for the morning commute,” is how 850 Sports News Digest pitches its iOS and Android app.

It has also been described as ‘Summly for sports news’, although the emphasis here is less on algorithms creating mobile-friendly summaries, and more on a team of dedicated editors writing bite-sized prose.

The idea being that 850 Sports News Digest can get you up to date on all of the current sports news, in just ten minutes (and right before you start work), hence the “850” in the startup’s name.

“Sports news apps are primarily flawed,” argues 850 Sports News Digest co-founder Jon Bishop. “The quality of content varies, the UI’s are usually complicated and it’s hard to find what you are looking for.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 13.18.01To tackle this problem, Bishop and 850 Sports News Digest’s other co-founder, Neil Goulding, who is a sports journalist and runs his own sports writing agency, set out…

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