Facebook Launches Messenger Platform For Content Tools And Chat With Businesses


Today at its F8 conference, Facebook announced its new Messenger Platform that will allow its 600 million users to create and share content with third-party tools, and communicate directly with businesses rather than calling or emailing them. The content tools platform and apps from initial partners including ESPN, JibJab, and Giphy, will become in an Messenger update available today. Facebook is working with a limited set of partners for business chat, which will roll out sometime in the future.

11089059_10152643542921851_826914771_oFacebook today released an SDK to help developers start building experiences for Messenger.

The announcement confirms my scoop from last week that Facebook would launch a Messenger Platform focused on content. Facebook Messenger head David Marcus tells me “In the West, it’s the first messaging platform at the scale of 600 million-plus users that’s opened up to developers.”

Facebook also launched a slew of new capabilities for Parse developers, advertisers, websites, and…

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