iFixit Apple Watch Teardown Suggests No Internal Chip Upgrades


Today is Apple Watch D-Day for a speedy few early adopters, with Cupertino finally shipping the first batch of its debut wearable to buyers.  That means it’s also the day that serial repairers/tenacious teardowners iFixit get to crack open Apple’s latest sealed box and peer inside so we don’t have to.

Their teardown of a 38mm Apple Watch Sport and a 42mm Apple Watch steel are currently in progress — you can follow the painfully detailed dissection here.

One nugget of intel they’ve managed to prise out of the back of the dinky wrist computer so far is that Apple is not making it easy to swap out the S1 processor chip that powers the watch.

That may sound pretty obvious but there have been suggestions Apple could offer an upgrade program for the Watch — offering processor upgrades as a way for the smartwatch to stand the test of time vs less smart (but more long-lived) luxury watches with which…

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