Microsoft Has “Hundreds” Of HoloLens Devices For Devs To Test At Build


Microsoft’s HoloLens has been in development for a few years, and Microsoft’s Alex Kipman said on stage at Build today that during that time, the hardware has improved by a couple of orders of magnitude due to advances in mobile processing, sensor and computer power and affordability.

Microsoft announced that it would offer developers at Build access to “hundreds” of HoloLens devices so that they can experience the technology first-hand. The company showed a video about its HoloLens hardware at the event today, giving us a closer look at its initial headset for the mixed-reality technology. It doesn’t require any external connections to PCs or smartphones, and it has all the camera and sensor equipment it needs built-in.


The hardware details came after a big demo on-stage of the HoloLens Windows Holographic software, including demos of how it might be used to explore human anatomy for medical purposes, and how it…

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