The 3D-Printed Peek Camera Helps Diagnose Eye Disease In Developing Areas


The Peek, or Portable Eye Examination Kit app, is a smartphone based system for diagnosing eye problems. It uses a 3D-printed add-on that can allow ophthalmologists to give detailed and complete eye exams in the field using an app and a small camera overlay. Created by British ophthalmologists, the system recently hit £130,475 on Indiegogo and is now up for pre-order by doctors.

The Peek can view the retina using a smart phones high-quality camera, see cataracts, and offer visual acuity tests as well as color and contrast tests. The project is led by Dr. Andrew Bastawrous and Stewart Jordan and was designed by Kate Tarling and Dr Mario Giardini. It’s aimed at helping the 39 million people around the world who don’t have access to basic optical healthcare. In a TED Talk, Dr. Bastawrous described his research into helping developing areas receive better eye care including the restoration of…

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