New horned dinosaur discovered in Alberta

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Watch the video above: Digging up Wendiceratops

TORONTO –  You might want to call her “Wendy” for short.

Meet a new species of horned dinosaur, Wendiceratops pinhornensis, the oldest known member of large-horned dinosaurs that once roamed Earth.

Wendiceratops was discovered in Canada’s dinosaur hotbed, southern Alberta. The dinosaur, a relative to the popular Triceratops is believed to have lived about 79 million years ago. That makes it significantly older than the more recently discovered “Hellboy,” another new species of horned dinosaur that was also found in Alberta.

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The dinosaur, about six metres long and weighing about one tonne, was an herbivore and used its leaf-shaped teeth to munch on low-lying plants.

Like the discovery of “Hellboy,” Wendiceratops is shedding light on the development of horns on this group of dinosaurs.

As is typical of…

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